update: 13-08-10





   STEVEN TAILOR, (born 1975) has regarded the flute and the saxophone as instruments of equal importance to him, as he also regards Jazz and Classical music as of equal significance. His choice of a school with a music stream and tuition at the conservatory meant that he recognised early on that his career would be in music.

    The tuneful way he plays is mainly based on meeting musicians at workshops, for example  John Taylor, Dick deGraaf, Ack van Rooyen or Uli Beckerhoff. In the Big Band of the Thüringer Jazzmeile he played with Kenny Wheeler, Lee Konitz and Joe Gallardo. From these various influences he developed his solo concept of building  melodies out of structures and singable lines.

    While working within another projects like "PSALTRON" (Balkan), " Der schwarze Kanal" or Munich Brass his style gets wider ranges.  These ensembles added sparkling and eastern elements into his playing. A pity, no actual work with DJ's or Rappers is goin' on.

    For Ste<:>ven the most important thing is interaction with the audience in the live situation. To support this he writes his music with its special programmatic character. In addition to Jazz compositions he has written in modern, classical style, e.g. pieces for solo-instruments or chamber orchestra. Lately he his Orchestral Arrangement of "O.T." was released on a DVD of the Art Rock Band "toxic-smile". Tailor<:> was playing on this live recording bassclarinet and flute.

    Mr<:>Tailor teaches at the the Franz Liszt school of music in Weimar an dprivate lessons or workshops for several windinstruments.

    Since 2001 Steven<:>Tailor has been getting into Early Music with studying the German flute (a period instrument) at Christoph Huntgeburth in Berlin. See Akamus. He is impressed of recognising many facts which are similar in Jazz and Baroque music such as pulse, harmonical flow or the state of variing of improvising. An illustrating issue is his latest album "BACHarts" (December 2009) which absorbes elements from Barocque and Jazz into Tailor's own melodic language.

    The 1st song as a Videoclip has been "HIBISCUS".

    In May 2006 his Debut Album was released under the name "WATERSONGS".